LawStreet Capital Offers Lowest Rates for Attorney Funding

Stephanie Reid | August 28th, 2015

Lawyer with Clients

As a personal injury attorney, you are keenly aware of the staggering up-front costs of litigation. From filing a complaint to launching an appeal, the time and financial investment associated with an injury lawsuit is rising each year. While it often pays off in the end for both client and attorney, sometimes the waiting game can be too burdensome for a small or mid-sized firm, prompting attorneys to begin focusing away from personal injury work. However, for those who love to litigate, attorney funding through LawStreet Capital may be the ideal solution to help keep your cases afloat and your clients satisfied.

Attorney funding provides help for discovery expenses

One of the most costly aspects of litigation is the discovery period. During this time, parties are eagerly gathering evidence and documentation to ultimately use in mounting a case against the opponent. However, some cases – particularly medical malpractice or product liability – may require the use of costly expert witness, some of whom charge hundreds of dollars per hour just to review the file.

For the average client, the up-front costs of preparing for trial are well beyond their means, particularly if they are left unable to work due to the accident or injury. Likewise, the average law firm generally needs a sizable retainer in order to pay experts and gather evidence. Enter: attorney funding. With a loan from LawStreet Capital, attorneys can enjoy peace of mind knowing they can adequately prepare for a pivotal case without fear of bankrupting the retainer account or having to skimp on important evidence.

Lawyer loans bridge the gap until a case goes to trial or settles

With today’s crowded dockets, it can take years for an injury case to resolve – particularly if there are a number of defendants or several injured plaintiffs. For many practitioners, maintaining regular work on a file when a retainer account has been long-since depleted becomes increasingly difficult. As a result, these files are placed on the back burner to free the attorney’s time for those clients with cases that pay the bills today. Sadly, this can result in a difficult scenario for the attorney in the event the client begins to suspect he or she is not providing adequate attention to the details of the case or regularly working on the matter.

To prevent this uncomfortable situation, attorney loans can help provide the cash necessary to allocate to those cases that have been lingering for months, including financial assistance for trial preparation and the like.

LawStreet Capital offers the lowest rates on attorney advance funding

At LawStreet Capital, we offer the lowest rates on loans for lawyers – guaranteed. Known as non-recourse advances, our funding offers are unique and distinguishable from a typical loan. First, the attorney need only repay the loan amount if the lawsuit is successful and the client recovers. If the attorney loses the case and no compensation is awarded, the loan is forgiven.

To get started with the most reputable attorney lending institution in the United States, contact LawStreet Capital right away. You can reach our offices by calling 888-560-3717.