Lawsuit Funding for Rear End Collision Plaintiffs

Katarina Siegfeld | October 13th, 2015

auto accident - car accident 2 - editedIf you have been rear-ended by another driver, it is possible that you have incurred significant expenses.  Not only has your car been damaged, but it is possible that you have medical bills as well as lost income or even diminished capacity to earn a living wage.  Even whiplash, sometimes seen as a trivial injury, can require serious medical interventions and have lasting ramifications.  You would be wise to consider filing a lawsuit to recoup these losses.  If you do so, you should know about an important tool that can help you cope financially: legal funding.

Lawsuit funding from LawStreet Capital can provide financial assistance for you as you wait for a jury verdict or settlement from your case.  There is no need to barely scrape by while you are waiting and bills are piling up.  Lawsuit funding is a responsible, low-risk means to help keep you afloat financially until you receive the reimbursement monies you deserve.

Lawsuit funding in rear-end collision cases

If you file a rear-end collision case, there is a strong possibly that your claim will not go to trial and that you will be able to negotiate a settlement.  The reason is that it is almost always obvious that the driver who struck you from behind was at fault.  The question is how much he or she should pay you in compensation.  The good news, therefore, is that the process may be simpler and faster than other kinds of car accident cases.

However, most lawyers would suggest that you wait until your treatment is at its conclusion; you would therefore be able to offer a more accurate estimate of the expenses that you believe the offending driver would owe you. However, if your medical treatment and other therapeutic measures take some time to complete while your claim resolves, you may be left financially strapped.  That’s where settlement funding can help.

How does settlement funding work?

There are different kinds of settlement funding options that may work for you.  Pre-settlement loans provide support for you until you actually reach a settlement. Post-settlement loans provide funding after a settlement is reached, but before the money is actually dispersed.  Either may be useful for the rear-end collision plaintiff, depending on the particular circumstances of his or her case.

A word about the word “loan,” however, which may cause concern to some.  Settlement loans are not typical loans at all, but cash advances on your anticipated settlement funds. Like all legal funding, this money is non-recourse, meaning in the unlikely event that you do not receive such a settlement, you don’t have to worry about paying back the money. It’s a risk-free solution to many victims of motor vehicle accidents and once the application is approved, the money can be in your account in just 24 hours.

If you have additional questions about lawsuit funding for car accident claims, please contact a representative from LawStreet Capital at 1-888-567-4436.