Hernia Mesh Plaintiffs: Is Legal Funding Right for You?

Jacky Gale | April 25th, 2017

Dangerous drug lawsuitsMesh implants are surgical devices that can be used to repair hernias. Mesh implants have long been used as a standard treatment for hernias, but many patients claim they cause more problems than they solve. If you’re one of the many patients who have filed a product liability lawsuit against a hernia mesh manufacturer, then you probably already know just how long the litigation process can take. Even after successfully obtaining a jury award or settlement, you might wait years to receive your payment. Because of the financial constraints this delay can cause, some hernia mesh plaintiffs turn to LawStreet Capital for zero-risk financial solutions.

The benefits of legal funding for hernia mesh plaintiffs

Hernia mesh complications can result in considerable pain. These complications include adhesions, bowel obstructions, organ damage, infections, and autoimmune problems. Some families have even reported wrongful death.

When a patient suffers from severe pain and other symptoms, it’s quite likely that lost wages and perhaps even job loss will exacerbate the situation. Medical bills have been known to drive some into bankruptcy. Of course, a successful product liability lawsuit can rescue plaintiffs from dire financial problems, but many people are unable to make ends meet while litigation is pending. This is where legal funding can help.

Lawsuit loans are non-recourse cash advances made against a future jury award or cash settlement. Unlike traditional loans from a bank, non-recourse legal funding is zero-risk. It does not need to be repaid if the plaintiff loses the case. With the help of legal funding, hernia mesh plaintiffs can pay their bills and provide for their families, without feeling pressured into a premature, unfair settlement arrangement.

Another perk of legal funding is that the cash advance can be used for anything the plaintiff needs. It can be used to pay legal fees and court filing fees. Legal loans can be used for the mortgage or rent, car payments, and basic necessities. There are no restrictions, and no credit check is required.

Drawbacks of legal funding for hernia mesh plaintiffs

Although lawsuit loans are non-recourse, it’s not uncommon for plaintiffs to fall into a high interest trap. In extreme cases, plaintiffs may end up paying back nearly as much as they obtained with a jury award or settlement. But don’t let this scare you away from filling out a no-obligation request form to see if you might qualify. With just a little research, savvy consumers can take advantage of some of the lowest interest rates in the industry by choosing to work with reputable lenders like LawStreet Capital.

What you’ll get when you choose LawStreet Capital

Here at LawStreet Capital, we pride ourselves on transparency. There are no catches and no hidden fees, and our interest rates are among the lowest you’ll find anywhere in the legal funding sector. Remember, your legal funding payment is risk-free, and there’s no obligation. Simply fill out a brief form on our website and you’ll get all the information you need to make a decision that works for you. Or, call a friendly representative toll-free and be sure to ask us about our low interest rates.

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