Advantages of Talcum Powder Lawsuit Funding

Alexander Popovich | May 16th, 2017

talcum 1Several studies have shown a causal link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, particularly when talc is used over long periods of time for feminine hygiene purposes. Litigation concerning talc-related cancer has continued to escalate, with thousands of women claiming Johnson & Johnson (maker of Baby Powder and Shower to Shower) failed to adequately warn consumers about ovarian cancer risks. At present, more than 2,400 talcum powder lawsuits are pending in courtrooms with the majority centralized in St. Louis Circuit Court, where four plaintiffs have secured multi-million verdicts.

The most recent case, Slemp v. Johnson & Johnson, ended with another sizeable judgement. Just last week, a Missouri jury ordered J&J to pay $110 million to the plaintiff, a Virginia woman who developed ovarian cancer after using talc for decades. This latest victory marks the fourth courtroom loss for J&J and its talc suppliers, which were already hit with $197 million in verdicts.

For those plaintiffs who are awaiting their day in court, LawStreet Capital is pleased to announce the availability of lawsuit funding, which can help bridge the gap until your settlement or court award is received. Unlike a traditional loan, pre settlement funding doesn’t entail credit checks, collateral or monthly payments. That’s because lawsuit funding for talcum powder cancer cases is really just a cash advance that is based on a plaintiff’s anticipated legal recovery.

What are the advantages?

While lawsuit funding may not be right for everyone, this type of litigation funding offers many benefits to plaintiffs embroiled in mass tort cases that can take years to resolve. The mere fact that four plaintiffs have won their talc cancer cases is encouraging, but it does not ensure a timely resolution for the remaining thousands of plaintiffs, many of whom may be struggling to make ends meet. There may come a point when Johnson & Johnson negotiates a global settlement with all claimants, but until that time, a lawsuit funding puts cash into your pocket for everyday expenses.

Qualified plaintiffs can get their lawsuit cash advance within 24-48 hours, and can use the money as they see fit, whether it’s to pay down medical bills, make a car payment, meet rent, or to address other expenses. One of the best aspects of lawsuit funding is that you don’t owe a dime until you receive your settlement or verdict monies. So you never have to worry about monthly payments, and, if you don’t win or settle your lawsuit, the money is yours to keep!

LawStreet Capital does not need to verify your income, your credit history or your assets before approval. Our decision is based on the strengths and merits of your talcum powder case, which must already be filed by your attorney.

A cash advance from LawStreet Capital can help plaintiffs who are already under financial strain wait out for a fair settlement, rather than accepting a low-ball offer out of desperation.

Talcum powder lawsuit funding

Few people are in the position to wait out the court system, particularly those who have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition. To learn more about our risk-free legal funding for talcum powder cases, we invite you to contact LawStreet Capital today. The application is free and since there are no middle men involved, we offer some of the nation’s most competitive interest rates!

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