Legal Funding for Plaintiffs With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Staff Writer | March 9th, 2018

Plaintiffs with traumatic brain injury (TBI) may suffer from multiple symptoms, ranging from headaches and dizziness to difficulties with coordination and performing all the activities of daily life (ADL). They may suffer from loss of coordination and mobility, including paraplegia or quadriplegia.

As a result, they may face medical bills ranging up to millions of dollars. They may need around-the-clock medical care, physical care, and specialized facilities.

To compound the bills and costs of care, many people with TBI may not be able to work at the occupations they once held. They may have suffered loss of wages or even lost the jobs that once provided economic support for themselves and their families.

If your TBI was the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to medical bills, lost wages and more by filing a civil lawsuit. But the legal process can be lengthy, with insurance companies low-balling one settlement offer after another. How can you afford to last out the process, which could take years? That’s where legal funding from LawStreet Capital comes in.


Legal Funding Can Tide You Over During the Lawsuit Process

A lawsuit can take months or even years to resolve. If you and your family were economically hurt by a TBI caused by the negligence of another, is may be difficult to keep going during the time is takes your case to reach a fair settlement.

Legal funding, however, can provide the economic means to support you while your case moves through the system. Legal loans are not like the loans that banks or credit unions offer. Pre-settlement loans are more like cash advances. The official term is “nonrecourse.”

If you are a plaintiff and the case is settled in your favor, you will need to pay back the amount of any legal loan you take out, at a reasonable interest rate.

If your case is decided in favor of the defendant, however, you won’t ever owe anything. Not a cent. Yes, if you lose the case, you won’t owe a dime.

Legal Loans Can Be Used for All of Your Expenses

The funds disbursed through legal loans can be used for whatever you need. Housing payments. Rent. Groceries. Commuting costs. Health insurance and medical bills. And more.

One of the most important factors in successful lawsuits is the financial security of the plaintiff. Plaintiffs in desperate financial straits may feel compelled to settle for less than they really deserve, just to have some cash flowing in.

You can get legal funding from LawStreet Capital within 24 hours. No credit check is required. No hidden costs are charged. Legal loans are cash advances on any settlement in the future. We give you the lowest interest rates in the field.

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