Back and Neck Injuries Due to Negligence? Legal Funding Can Help

Staff Writer | September 21st, 2018

3D illustration x-ray neck painful, medical concept.If you’re suffering from back or neck injuries caused by the negligence of another person or party, you know how debilitating these injuries can be. You may be in constant pain. You may have difficulty moving, either due to stiffness, injury to your spine or neck, nerve damage, or whiplash.

Back and neck injuries lead to exorbitant medical bills

Whether the injuries were sustained in a vehicle accident, on the job, or as a result of another’s lack of safety precautions in a public place, your injury isn’t a simple matter of getting better in a day or two. In fact, either back or neck injuries can cause permanent impairment in the activities of daily living.

Back and neck injuries can cause medical bills to mount up — doctor’s bills, hospitalization, and physical therapy. Your injuries may have also caused you to lose time at work, or may have made it impossible to work at your previous employment.

Legal funding can get you to settlement

If you are involved in a legal case about the injuries and negligence, you may be wondering where the money will come from to get you to your settlement. Unfortunately, legal cases can extend for months or even years. Meanwhile, not only bills from your injuries are piling up, but so are the bills of daily life, like mortgages/rent and food.

Fortunately, there is an answer. You can apply for a legal loan.

A legal loan provides you with money to support yourself and your loved ones financially while your case is pending. Legal loans are not necessarily for everyone. But for many people, they help pay the bills until a case is settled.

Legal loans are nonrecourse loans. That means they are more like cash advances than like the type of loans banks or credit unions offer. If you win your legal case, you will have to pay back any legal loan you receive, at a reasonable rate of interest.

If, on the other hand, your case is lost, you don’t owe anything on your legal loan. That’s right, you owe nothing. Zero.

Legal loan funds can be used for any financial necessity you’re having. It can be used for groceries, rent/mortgage payments, medical bills, and health insurance.

Don’t settle for the insurance company’s low-ball offer

It’s clear why legal funding is good news for families who may be feeling a financial pinch. But there’s another reason why they might be a good idea in your situation.

They provide financial security as your case is heard in court. Sometimes, injured parties feel that they should settle immediately if an offer by the defendant is made, especially if the injured parties need money.

If you have a legal loan, you have more bargaining power. You don’t have to settle at the first offer made — which can be lower than the amount you’d receive if you could wait for later offers.

Obtaining a legal loan is very easy and convenient. No credit check is required, and you can get a legal loan in 24 hours. No hidden costs exist.

Again, legal loans are cash advances on future legal settlements. Our legal loans have the lowest interest rates available.

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