Can I Get an Advance on My Settlement?

Staff Writer | April 12th, 2019

Personal injury law provides a pathway for individuals to recover compensation when they were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. You can even file a lawsuit if you were injured as a result of someone else’s intentional action. This is great news for victims of dog bites, slip and fall incidents, car accidents, truck crashes, and assault. Even better, many of the personal injury cases filed each year never have to go to court. It may be possible for your personal injury lawyer to recover compensation on your behalf through a negotiated settlement, which means the case is resolved before it goes to trial.

That’s the good news, but unfortunately, there’s also a downside: Legal procedures can take an interminably long time. It may be months or even years before you can sign the settlement agreement, and even after the settlement is finalized, you might not get paid for quite a long time. Personal injury plaintiffs often find this frustrating because they need the money now to pay their medical expenses and daily living expenses. Adding to the problem is the fact that many personal injury plaintiffs are out of work temporarily or even permanently due to their injuries. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Yes, you can apply for an advance on your settlement

Because of the financial difficulties that often come with waiting for a personal injury settlement, some plaintiffs opt to pursue loans. However, the downside with a traditional bank loan is that you’ll need to repay it even if you don’t win your case or get a settlement. Instead, consider legal funding. Legal loans aren’t loans at all; instead, they are non-recourse cash advances. This means that if your settlement doesn’t come through and you aren’t awarded a favorable jury verdict, you won’t have to repay it. There’s absolutely no risk to you. If you do obtain a settlement, you’ll repay the advance plus a reasonable interest rate.

Benefits of legal funding for personal injury plaintiffs

The main advantage of legal funding for personal injury lawsuits is its risk-free nature. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can get the cash you need now, without having to repay it if your case doesn’t result in compensation for you. Plus, you can get quick approval and a rapid payment, enabling you to quickly meet your most pressing obligations. The cash advance on your settlement can be used for anything—from legal fees to rent to groceries to tuition. With a cash advance, you won’t feel pressured to settle too quickly for less than what you deserve, simply because of current financial difficulties.

Where to apply for an advance on your settlement

For your risk-free cash advance, you can turn to LawStreet Capital. We provide non-recourse loans in all 50 states for individuals with pending personal injury lawsuits. If you can’t wait for your settlement check to arrive, give us a call or fill out the quick contact form online. Remember: There’s never any risk to you. If you lose your case and don’t receive compensation from the at-fault party, you’ll pay nothing back to us. For 24-hour approval and cash overnight, call us now.

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