NuvaRing Settlement Cash Advances Can Help Plaintiffs Awaiting Payout

Staff Writer | February 17th, 2014

NuvaRing Settlement Cash AdvanceA New Jersey judge ruled on February 7, 2014 that Merck & Co. may pay $100 million to settle thousands of NuvaRing lawsuits if 95% of the plaintiffs agree.  At least 2,800 women have filed cases across the country charging that the NuvaRing contraceptive caused blood clots leading to serious injury or death.

While these lawsuits have been working their way through the courts, many women and families have had difficulty meeting regular financial obligations such as rent or mortgage payments, medical treatment, car loans, and the like.  For some, a NuvaRing settlement cash advance can help.

LawStreet Capital helps women pay their expenses while they await the payout of their settlement monies.  A settlement cash advance is not a loan. Instead, NuvaRing settlement funding permits women and their families to receive an advance on their pending settlement.

NuvaRing lawsuits

NuvaRing is a vaginal birth control device that works by disseminating hormones through a woman’s body.  Many hormonal-based contraceptives, including the birth control pill, have been linked to side effects such as blood clots.  But the risk of blood clots from the progestins in NuvaRingis far greater than from other contraceptives, which use earlier versions of the progestins.  Since the mid-1990s, a number of scientific studies have concluded that NuvaRing is twice as likely to cause life-threatening blood clots as contraceptives using the earlier forms of progestin.

A blood clot that blocks a vein, called a venous thromboembolism (VTE), occurs most frequently in a person’s legs, where it is known as a deep-vein thrombosis.  A VTE can be life-threatening when it breaks off and travels through the body to the lungs.  In 2012, the British Medical Journal published a study finding that vaginal rings like NuvaRing are 90% more likely to cause a VTE than birth-control pills with earlier progestin types.  In 2011, the FDA reported that vaginal rings could increase the risk of VTE by over 50%.

Despite these studies, NuvaRing continues to be prescribed to hundreds of thousands of women in the United States every year.  Sadly, many experience blood clots that cause severe and lasting injuries, requiring life-long followup and painful medical procedures.  Others do not survive.

As a result of these many devastating injuries, thousands of women and families have filed lawsuits charging that NuvaRing’s manufacturer failed to warn patients adequately of the contraceptive’s dangers, and that this failure caused their losses.  Over 1,500 cases were consolidated in multidistrict litigation in federal court in Missouri.  Pre-trial discovery has been completed, and the first trials were set to begin in April.

Another 200 lawsuits were pending in state court in New Jersey, where Judge Brian Martinotti issued his preliminary approval of Merck’s $100 million settlement.  Over one thousand additional NuvaRing cases have been filed in state and federal courts in other parts of the country.

How NuvaRing settlement cash advances help plaintiffs

Once finalized, the proposed settlement may help women and their families begin to move beyond the devastating injuries caused by NuvaRing, which included deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms and death.  Plaintiffs have been waiting years to receive compensation for their losses, which may include huge amounts in lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.  For many, NuvaRing settlement funding can help bridge the gap until the settlement proceeds are distributed.

The financial burdens of longstanding litigation can exacerbate the emotional damage caused by the underlying injuries.  A settlement cash advance can ease the day-to-day pressure of financial obligations.  LawStreet Capital offers many benefits in these circumstances.  Women and families pay nothing to apply and once the application is approved, you will receive your cash advance quickly — in most cases within 24 hours.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss NuvaRing settlement funding.  You may call any time, toll-free, at 1-866-FUND-662.